Sometimes there are things that go through incredible thoughts or dreams, before they become reality.
This curious design, comes from a dream.
One of those that we daydream, while we are intent observing all around us, something special, like a strange colour of grass, or a new kind of fragrance dispersed in the air. 
Do you know when in a sunny day, you have the sensation to perceive the fragrance of snow?
In one of those moments I saw this shawl. With all its colours, without rules or pattern. 
A free design, that everyone of us can create, as his mood decides.
A design totally "free mind", it means that you are the only creative talent of your personal own project.
This is the great power of sharing minds.
We are all potentially artistic people. There is no one better than another human being, we all own the talent inside us, we just need to express it.

Here you'll find it : Gipsy Shawl  you can download it free.
So please, share with me your creativity and let me see your wonderful projects.  :)
Enjoy it



Soon a new pattern. And while I'm working to that, I'm looking outside my window. A ray of sunshine is lighting my desk.......and it warms my day.
It's so odd, how a simple little ray could give a lot of good feeling.
Have a bright day too!



Start the week, working to a new project, while I have in mind a new one..........



I noticed that one of the most important thing in our life are "hugs".
They give us energy, warmth and we keep in our mind, memory of them for long long time.

Have you ever notice that a "Shawl" is a real representation of hug?
A shawl is a gift, a special hug that we make for people we love. We can knit it or crochet and give to offer affection to someone we love but also we can make it just for us if we need cuddles.

A magical accessory to wear, to offer, to wrap ourselves, to give as a Christmas present, or just to say "I love you with all my heart" to someone.

The Wild Atlantic Way is born from the warmth I found in the enchanting land of Ireland. It's my special thanks to all people I met there and are still in my heart.

you can find it here:



Smart and refined scarf. Very light, soft like a feather. This scarf easy to wear is made in a lace alpaca wool yarn doubled.

I was inspired by lovely and peaceful rainy days I spent in Ireland

You can find the pattern here:



Unusual placemat to decorate your table with a bit of luck.

This is part of my new home designs collection, inspired by my new life in the gorgeous Emerald Isle.

You can find the pattern here: